Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm tackling a few creative projects at once to keep myself busy this year. I'll use this blog to document my progress as I go. So far,I'm currently working on a graphic novel utilizing my art,prose,and public domain images while I polish my first novel. My hardware and software is all on the same page so to speak after stressfull wrangling that has taken me far too long at the expense of much creative progress. I have had to change programs and formats several times,only for systems to crash and set me back to much frustration. I have been inspired by European photonovels,especially fumetti and the narrative possibilities of digital photo editing. I've been using Corel Painter IX ,Paint Shop Pro and Paint.Net for photo editing as well as digital inking and coloring. I'm using a second monitor for my pallets.Working across two monitors has really helped. I've been trying out Manga Studio 3.0 Debut and Comic Book Creator to get a traditional comic book look and feel. I got a new scanner and it's quality/software is pretty impressive for the relatively low price I payed. I'm looking for a PDF format suited to what I'm experimenting with. I hope all the elements come together in the least chaotic fashion. I decided the graphic novel would be a first in a three? volume series,each its own theme. This first one is based around comic books,superheroes,and everything related. The second will be sci-fi based in parody/homage to old pulps like Flash Gordon,Buck Rogers,Doc Savage and the old pulp sci-fi magazines as well as TV and movies. The third will be a parody of the fantasy genre. I may get to horror. Until then,I'll be scanning my art as I tweak my novel.

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