Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin on Death - RIP

On June 22,2008,one of my heroes died. My favorite misanthrope has joined Lenny and Richard. He taught me to call the bullshit of our society like it is. He reminded me respect must be earned,not granted blindly to those assigned respect. He earned my respect forever. George Carlin was a comedic and satirical legend that voiced the cynicism of an era. He crossed lines and turned society on its head. He proceeded to smash that head with a sledgehammer and burned the veil cloaking powers over us in undeserved respect. Powers like religion,politics,capitalism, consumerism,patriotism,culture, and war that hold too powerful a sway in our daily lives. Sacred cows that should always be milked.
I pray to Joe Pesci he is out there watching this freak show on his "heavenly CNN". Give'em hell George! Long live George Carlin!

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