Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Philosophies have Consequences:Neoconservatism Defined

I saw this when it aired and have been looking for it since. To the point and easily accessible.
I find anti-semitism to be a troubling current within conservatism in general,but neocons bring it to a new level.
Neocons exploit it and anti-Semites cloak their hate speech using "neocon" as code word for Jew. ("Neocon agenda"=Jewish conspiracy.) Their policies effectively merge U.S. and Isreali interests,fueling real or imagined hate of both by all manner of extremists.Israel is seen as a proxy,accurately or not and America is seen to some as subserviant to Israel. Any actions taken by either country in the Middle East will be viewed through such prisms,thus making citizens of both countries terorist targets. Brilliant. Start all out war in the Middle East and get Jews blamed for it.
Neocons have successfully created a Cold War 2 that most buy in to called the "War on Terror" or something new this week. Muslim is the new communist.

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