Wednesday, August 27, 2008


American Christian retardation aside,"Anti-Christ is no doubt code. They found their "non-racist" argument not to vote for Obama.This is what American politics has devolved into.Am I the only one thinking Blood Libel when I hear anti-choicers taking about "pro-infanticide" Obama. Lieberman used the other famous anti-Semitic loyalty charge(as has McLame at the VFW thing no less!) against him. Secret Muslim,black supremacist,fifth columnist,baby-killing,cult leader, communist,satanist Anti-Christ. Maybe he is an alien or a merman with legs? A zombie? Chupacabra?
What the fuck! I am going to get an anuerism from these people. This is dovetailing with the Mayan 2012 apocalypse that has taken hold in the minds of conspiracy theorists,ufo nuts,and even alot of these same Christian nutballs(?Hellow pagan Mayan prophecy!)No doubt those 4(Nazi?) meth heads that got caught planning to assassinate Barack Obama thought they were doing their patriotic Christian duty to save the world from the anti-Christ? First a deranged right-wing Angry White Man tries to shoot up the the UU church, another murders the Democrat pol in Arkansas,hate crimes against Mexicans(one murder I know of),Jena 6 and nooses popping up. A hostile environment
ripe for lone wolfs to attack evil traitorous librals,
" Illegal Mexicans" or an anti-Christ is being stirred up in America. Is Obama's presidency the last straw for crazy racist white people?

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