Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Ambition First Country Last

Yay Keith!I would be entertained by this slow motion train wreck if so much was not at stake!
This geezer should not fail upward into the office of the POTUS.His own contradicting words are out there as he keeps lying! What is wrong with him? I can understand his being out of touch with You Tube,but he keeps throwing qoutes out there and contradicting them on all manor of record. He said he was running in 2000 not for patriotism, or to pursue his reform agenda,but ambition.How is that country first? Is he lying now or did he have a "senior moment"? Is either choice of answers to that question acceptable in the greater context? I think it is pertinent to his ability to serve that he be tested for Alzheimer's.
My thinking has been that when this is over, we will discover his cancer is/has come back and he wasted our and his party's time on a vain last grab for power before death. An ultimate expression of ego-putting self before country,potentially risking the lives of millions and putting the final nail in the coffin of the USA.Maybe he will use the return of his cancer as a cover to step aside.That's my gut felling.
That and Palin's "exective experience"(he has none as well) are cans of worms he should not have voluntarily opened. Her big speech is full of so many threads asking to be tugged,unravelling her credibility like a frayed sweater.
He impulsively selects the "VPILF" out of nowhere
without checking her background thouroughly? She seems to have closet skeletons on debt.
A creep with a sleazy history of adultry like his selected an attractive female vp. He casts his own scandalous aspersions with almost every poorly planned act of impulsive desperation--be they sordid in the sexual, mental,political,etc senses.
He is a fitting figurehead for a thouroughly bankrupt(morals and ideas--not money) party.
Not a single new idea was offered over the course of the RNC convention.The same tired 40 year old script. Obama and Biden were merely names filled into the blanks of this conservative mad libs. I heard familiar words, sentences,and sentax flow from mouths to form non sequitors and get rave applause as if they said something revolutionary. Wow,everybody that disagrees with you is not American and doesn't put their country first! How original. The evils of the dreaded East Coast,liberalism,
and cosmopolitanism--oooohh!
My jaw dropped when Rudy and Palin attacked community organizing. WTF? They hate communites? Does organizing only translate to "union" to them?
Where is the insult? I get the intended code,but come on! Where do churches,faith-based,pro-life,PTA groups groups fit into organizing communities? Did they not reveal a major sign of elitism and contempt for their
grassroots base here?
The religious extremist governor
Sarah Palin is a joke,telling
of the desperation of the
"losing" theocrats as well as McCain.
Palin shot some adrenaline into the ass of a dead horse they are intent on kicking until they collapse into true ugliness. McCain and the GOP offer nothing but ruin and fatalism.Is that a surprise when the run on anti-hope?

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