Thursday, September 18, 2008

Agitka! McCain In The Membrane! Part 3

These images have become controversial for obvious reasons.
I first caught the story cruising Alternet for my end of the week news fix: The article was called: "Artist's Controversial Photos Show Real McCain: Warmonger, Lecher" posted by Nina Berman.

"Following the cover shoot, Ms. Greenberg decided to take a few shots for herself. McCain’s handlers were not savvy enough to realize that you should never allow your candidate to be shot and lit from below; it distorts the face kind of like a horror movie monster."

It highlights the risks for candidates allowing themselves to be photographed by those not on the party payroll and the rights and responsibilities of the media. Will a closet racist doing a photospread of Barack Obama do the same? Much handwringing over the ethics of such a situation. MCCain has demonstrated his willingness to fling poo,so why not alter an image of a chimp shitting on his head. He walked right into this one:
Disgusting but sweet.

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