Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Announcing President-elect Barack Obama

History was made! "Good history" not "history" as in the horrors of the last 8 years."America" did something very good yesterday,opposed to torture or other imperial escapades that tarnish us all.People participated in their republic and repudiated
an "Americanism" of W or Reagan. People,when given the choice,chose hope over hate,fear and selfishness. Most of us did anyway.Alot of people just found themselves on the wrong side of history and the current mainstream.I don't fault anyone for not voting,or voting 3rd party as I was tempted out of disgust. I figured maybe my vote would be one more added to a landslide that would be hard to steal.I don't think I'll be voting for some time though.I think this is all I can stomach for a while. The Dems deserve a similar fate of irrelevance if they can't act as a party of the middle class,workers,minorities,and poor.Time to kick out the neoliberals.(I am skeptical based on all the Clinton lackeys being brought in with Obama)
I'll admit I cried taking it all in when the networks announced his victory. It was a welcome shock.I am very impressed by the voter turnout of the American people.Fuck the South. I watched the pathetic John "The Maverick" McCain concede with much relief. I was afraid he would continue to fight reality and lash out like a maniac.I wish I could have seen the look on their faces. Mr. Nailin'Palin looked pissed. The world dodged a bullet---or an A-bomb.W should be kicked out early so the adults can get to work.
We still get to live in anxiety over what W or Israel may do between now and Jan.D'oh!

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