Thursday, May 7, 2009

Single-Payer advocates protest Senate hearing

"We need more police." The contempt for democracy within our democratic institutions summed up by one of these mobsters called politicians. We need is more brave souls like the ones arrested for bringing up a subject that was deemed forbidden by the Party.The Democrats and Pres.Obama have no more excuses anymore to avoid passing "unpopular" bills like EFCA,universal healthcare,education,etc. There is no partisan opposition or need for compromise.The people want single payer PERIOD. This is how the political class responds to our demands.We vote them in to represent us and express our wishes not serve corporations and stall us until the next election with promises that change will come later when they can get enough votes. Maybe now citizens will see no party has their true interests in mind and see "both parties" as the wings of the one corrupt war and business party of America. Arlen Spector "changing parties" helps pull back that veil.The discrediting of the Republican faction was just the first step.
The continuity of policies by Obama have ended that "Change" honeymoon. Throwing us scraps while giving our wealth to corrupt banks and putting a black face on empire will not suffice. Neither will a healthcare non-reform labeled reform.

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