Monday, November 2, 2009

Fly The Geek Flag:Comics

What I'm currently reading:

I am really enjoying Poe from Boom! Studios.
from website:"Everyone knows that Poe created the detective genre, but did you know he was a detective himself? Finally the secret can be revealed for the first time! Enter the world of POE and follow the famous author of darkness as he tracks the killer of his brother’s friend. Supernatural adventure for fans of books like HELLBOY!"
Great art.

Ghostbusters:Displaced Aggression
Summary:The father of Gozer has scattered the guys across time and space.In the first issue Peter Venkman is busting ghosts steampunk style in the old west and we are introduced to a new female Ghostbuster.Starting out much better than the last
series that started well but treaded on unoriginal material(at least in the context of the Real Ghostbusters.Done better in the cartoon)In the same way Ghostbusters:The Video Game utilized unused ideas from the original script treatment and the unfilmed Ghostbusters 3 script(about the ghostbusters crossing over to Hell/new recruits),this new comic mines some of those unused ideas about the GB's fighting ghosts across time and space.This book is light and fun,rather than dark and humorless. I hope this series doesn't peter out in the same fasion.

SPOILER-filled minireviews:
Ghostbusters:The Other Side-
Some clever bits,but the premise was wasted and rushed to a conclusion via LITERAL deus ex machina. Ghosts of famous mobsters go after the Ghostbusters for hurting their ghost smuggling racket.
Seeing the Ghostbusters whacked by mobster ghosts and thrown in the East river (in Ecto-1),possssed Peter screwing hookers and slapping Janine was disturbing and disrespectful to the characters in an attempt to be cutting edge. We meet Winston's tragically dead girfriend for no reason. The choices for the identities of the ghosts I thought was cool.It could have worked,but the execution was weak.

I thought Toyko Pop's manga-stye "Ghost Busted" was superior in story and creative in different manga artwork(6 chapters done by different artists). The theme of ghost getting revenge was the same,but handled better. The mayor's assistant from Ghostbusters 2 returned and the boys in grey fought Gozer's fashionista concubine and an army of clothing-possessed supermodels.
I would like to see more of this if IDW is going to put out weak books like The Other Side. I'm liking the tone of Displaced aggression. IDW also made an upcoming
x-mas issue that retreads a classic RGB episode where they caught the Christmas Ghosts for Scrooge and killed Christmas.

Whedonverse(Darkhorse & IDW):
Buffy Season 8(I read the first couple of storylines.waiting for collected graphic novels)
Angel:After The Fall(On the second TBP)
Spike:After The Fall(fucking awesome!)
Will somebody make more Serenity books?!
Waiting for Dr. Horrible comic.

Just read Batman:Mad Love(terrific lives up to critical acclaim) I highly recommend it! I love anything Bruce Timm/Paul Dini,but this is them at their best.

Was trying to complete the IDW Star Trek movie related comics,but I think I'll wait until they are all collected(Countdown,Nero,Spock) The background these comics give the recent shiny movie give it the missing character/story depth. Sillyscience about using "red matter" to create a blackhole to stop a supernova aside. Nero comes across as a three dimensional villain and total badass.
Summary:(potential SOILERS)

Going back and reading Black Dossier so I can follow Leaue of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Summary:(potential spoilers),_Volume_III:_Century
A few months ago I got very cool steampunk graphic novel The Five Fists of Science from the library. Very remnicent of Ghostbusters in all the best ways.
Summary:(No SPOILERS)
I have never seen Thomas Edison portrayed as so evil!Love the take on Tesla(OCD) and Twain.

Read the first Farscape series by Boom! Studios.(pretty cool!)I'm going to wait for the different series to be collected.
Possibly the best show The SciFi Channel cancelled.
Summary: Picks up after events of Peacekeeper Wars tv movie. Alot has changed.

A favorite series I read this year was "Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods". Great yarn with twist ending,but the art changed in the last issue from great to meh.

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