Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Terrorism Derangement Syndrome By Dahlia Lithwick

Dahlia Lithwick paints a scary picture of the American post-9/11 zeitgheist that is equally baffling given that we are in no more danger of terrorist attacks than before 9/11.
"We're terrified when a terror attack happens, and we're also terrified when it's thwarted. We're terrified when we give terrorists trials, and we're terrified when we warehouse them at Guantanamo without trials. If a terrorist cooperates without being tortured we complain about how much more he would have cooperated i...f he hadn't been read his rights. No matter how tough we've been on terror, we will never feel safe enough to ask for fewer safeguards."

We live in a failing country of cowardly mental children that hide behind one of the largest(overfunded) combined armed forces armed to the teeth with tanks,jets,guns,bombs,and countless nukes and shit our pants at scary sounds. This is more pathetic than the Cold War. We've gone from a commie under every bed to a terrorist in every closet. Why are we so scared?

Truly scary: "But here's the paradox: It's not a terrorist's time bomb that's ticking. It's us. Since 9/11, we have become ever more willing to suspend basic protections and more contemptuous of American traditions and institutions."

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