Friday, March 12, 2010

Dennis Kucinich Takes on Democratic Leaders with Call Public Option, Afghan Withdrawal 2 of 3

Insurance coverage does not mean healthcare. Pretty simple.Put your cynical politician hat on : would he take this position if the "bill" wasn't such a disaster? What does he have to gain/lose "standing in the way of passing" it? Is he positioning himself in a good spot to survive an electoral "boodbath"? The Republicans taking money from health insurance companies that will make out like bandits because of Obama's backroom deals are "attacking" Obama and playing obstructorinionist will win on two levels:1) The bill will benefit their(and the Dems/Obama's) masters financially.
2)the shittyness of the bill that they "resisted" will be hung around the Dem's necks for them to attack them with when all the dust settles and the fine print becomes clear.
Both parties just played "good cop,bad cop" on us and used the media to do it pro wrestling style. Republicans have been both sloppy and drank their own Kool-aid in their fervor to play their part and get back into power.
Why are so many incumbant politicians quitting?
We ignore the canaries in the coal
mines and rats jumping ship at our peril.

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