Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to solve a problem like Israel?

The jig is up for Israel,what happens is impossible to predict. I have a suggestion of a couple ways this could go that can have positive results. The state of Israel is sabotaging the 2 state solution because it does not want a sovreign Palestine and refuses to be a single intergrated democracy,let alone follow any international laws or the UN. The flotilla attack was an attack on NATO and of course NATO will not go to war with them.
Alond with their nationlong history of ethnic cleansing,terrorism and expansionist war starting in 1967,the sinking of the USS Liberty, targeted assassinations like killing wrong people in retaliation for Munich,clumsily assassinating a Hamas leader in Dubai using the stolen passports of countless nations--putting those passport holders at risk for retaliationthey have bombed Lebanon several times(losing the last "war"),massacred Gaza--continues bombing Gazi again and starves the population with an illegal blocakade,threatening to bomb Iran and now moving nuclear subs into Iranian waters. Israel has roughly 150 nukes and refuses to acknowledge them,sign on the weapons treaties,or allow inspectors. We know know Israel tried to give nukes to Apartheid South Africa. The recent grab to claim all of Jerusalem and other illegal settlements will make peace impossible. This little Sparta has gone too far and will not stop. Laws,morality,conscience,reality--nothing will push Israel to do right. I highly doubt the Israeli public wants to take this psychopathic suicide ride with their government and those that do are no different than brainwashed nationalist thugs in any country-that is not uniquely Israeli.
This is a lunatic terrorist(not the only one in history) state that will not be appeased by any amount of leeway awarded to them by the US. We have shown them they can do what they want without even a tongue lashing.
Though she appologized,Helen Thomas' statement was essentially correct,if they can colonize they can de-colonize. It was done in Africa and elsewhere. Time to dissolve the current Zionist project and move forward in peace as a multiracial country or multiple,allow palestinians to return and get their stolen land back, and if Israelis want to stay,they can,but should share a country with everybody else not as first class citizens. Why does Israel get to be a one race state? That is not democracy. Everybody else is a melting pot. That there are so many Jews around the world and the Israelis could easily rejoin the diaspora,there is no dissappearance of Jewish demographics,Jewish culture,etc. Nobody goes extinct. Remove the nukes and declare a nuclear free Middle East. Israel,USA,England and UN should pay reparations and all humanitarian costs for enabling the founding of Israel in the first place. Through NATO/UN,the western powers unilaterally dissolved Yugoslavia and created an artificial state against the self determination of the peoples. The Middle East as we know it is a construct of the old empires carving up the region and creating countries. Pakistan was a creation of the West as well. It is not unfeasable to "end a country". Maybe the people of Israel/Palestine and the world community can come to a consensus of how to dissolve this colony in a way fair to all involved and lays the foundation for a peaceful tomorrow. That's a tall order,but a first step that could happen with out going as far as I suggest would be to end the sick israeli exceptionalism,get humble,join the community of nations/international law and stop the occupations/blockade,accept their pre 67 borders,end settlements and accept a real Palestinian state. That has been doable for decades. Let's see what the lunatic state does.

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