Monday, September 29, 2008

Obsessed Neo-cons terrorize American voters with help from questionable sources.

I found that anti-Muslim hate disc in my sunday paper.
Great coverage on this dirty tactic:
I started laughing upon seeing the cover."..required viewing for everyone." 24 executive producer Howard Gordon. What a surprise!It got Michael "blacks are genetically inferior" Medved's thumb out of his ass and in the air! Winner Best Feature Film 2005 Leni Riefenstahl--er--Liberty Film Festival! It must be good!
The makers are trying to organize around the "film". Lynching parties?
A rogues gallery of neocons and zionist extremists are behind this video trying to affect the U.S. election. Terrorizing voters like this isn't illegal? Hilarious watching fascists make a case others are fascist. Poorly argued "Islamo-fascism" propaganda. This production was slapped together and rushed out by the looks of it. The director Raphael Shore is Israeli-Canadian and suckles on a sinister teat of The Clarion Fund and major funder Sheldon Adelson.Connections to Aish HaTorah(cult?) from the director to The Clarion Fund itself should be thouroughly investigated.Related Hasbara Fellowships have presence on campuses and went after Jimmy Carter.This umbrella group controls "anti-Israel media bias watchdog HonestReporting. Is this wide release a sign of more to come from this group?
Endowment for Middle East Truth seems to be connected through two of its neocon board members Daniel Pipes & Caroline Glick who are interviewed.
Freedom's Watch(Adelson funded) and Republican Jewish Coalition may have their fingerprints on this.
The backgrounds of the interviewees like the Hitler Youth(?!) guy Alfons Heck,the "former PLO terrorist" are flakey picks that help push the Islam=Nazi propaganda.

Overall it was simplistic Clash of Civilizations 101 and "they hate us just because". Lots of us vs. outnumbering horde of THEM and sleeper cell scares. I got an old Yellow Peril feeling eatching this arguement that these hordes of evil Muslims will come to destroy Western Civilization. I have always felt that Orientalist vibe positioning Bin Laden as a real life Fu Manchu.
Up until all the laughable Nazi crap showing saluting "terrorists" the bias was subtle but obvious. It was almost "balanced" in its treatment of the difference between "broad" or "general" Islam vs. Fundamentalist Islamist terrorism until I noticed the sleight-of- hand oversimplification.It was having it both ways by recognizing existence of "moderate" Muslims(same canard blaming them for not "speaking out against terror")--arguing that not all are terrorists but the imppression is given that there are no "scriptural" differences overall.You get the feeling most Muslims are terrorists.All Muslims were spoken of interchangeably as the "documentary" went forward.You can't stir up irrational fear and appeal to the same group being steoreotyped by saying they are "the good ones" in the same breath!It could have been made much better given the money and will to spread such fears.
It is clumsily explained how "they" are like Nazis,yet comparing/contrasting againsts countless schools/denominations is absent.No mention of Sunni,Shia,or Wahabi? Muslims are portrayed as a monolithic horde. They are Nazis because of the relationship between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem of that time?
So what.Indians,Mongolians,and other non-Aryans fought for the SS to control the different fronts as well.We see pictures of the Mufti's people in uniforms in some heavy-handed scenes meant to create the false epiphany that we are fighting the same evil bastards. Another thing that bugged me was the credibility of the translations of Arab TV and other clips in Arabic.

I could see the mouthbreathers who think Barack Obama is a Muslim getting signals from several scenes mentioning Islam conquering America,the White House etc.
The "experts" are biased and highly dubious to say the least. A who's who of political hacks. Pro-torture plaigirist Alan Douchewtiz enough said.
Jarring,was the televangelist makeup visage of Lebanese American journalist Brigitte Gabriel,author and founder of the extreme pro-Israel American Congress For Truth. Darling of the neocons.
This woman is notorious for calling Arabs barbarians while speaking at Duke University and siding with Israel in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon crisis. In an interview on CNN she thanked Israel. She is a Maronite Christian who claims childhood victimization by Muslims in her country during the Lebanese Civil War and hides her grinding axe poorly.
One participating expert,the sole Islamic Studies Professor,Mohammad Khaleel accused the "film" of misusing his interview.

The inclusion of blowhard fanatic author and radio host John Loftus says alot. Described from Newshounds site:John Loftus, Fox News Contributor, carelessly gave the address of an unsuspecting family because he thought a terrorist lived at their address. He was wrong and the family has been tortured and terrorized since his irresponsible statement. Chrish reported this story and at that time the family was waiting for an apology from Fox News. This morning 8/27/05, CNN reported that Fox had fired Loftus and issued a written apology to the family who have gone through hell.

The Voricks are now recieving police protection because the harrassment has been so severe. Mrs. Vorick claimed that she is afraid to leave her teenage child with the younger kids while she works. Someone actually spray painted " terrorist" on the wall next to their front door while they were home. A steady stream of people drive by screaming at them. Their lives have been turned upside down because John Loftus and Fox behaved so recklessly.

Loftus runs a controversial (neocon tank?)group called The Intelligence Summit as well as being the president of the Florida Holocaust Musuem. I saw fellow "expert" Nonie Darwish on the site under speakers along with Brigitte Gabriel.

Steven "OKC bombing was Arabs" Emerson is also featured.

I couldnt help think of Jesus Camp when watching scenes of children being indoctrinated to hate and violence.

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