Sunday, September 28, 2008

Philosphies Have Consequences= What Washington,Wall Street,and politicians don't want us to know:

The status quo does not want us thinking about this because they have no solutions. Neither party can tell suburban voters the truth:their current/accustomed suburban lifestyle is unsustainable. Who will be the first to tell the people what they don't want to hear? There will be no "green" patches plugging this bursting dyke. They squandered the potential to develop better ways until crisis,and like global warming,it may already be too late to start half-assed with feel good "solutions" that ultimately alter nothing. I'm afraid people will indeed fight to keep killing the planet out of their greed and "elect" leaders that will take the resources we "need". We are seeing the beginnings of larger naked resource grabs. The pretenses disguising motive are getting flimsier like the "war" in Iraq. How long until the "right" to openly claim oil under other countries as national security policy is asserted? The capitalists of America
ate up their own bullshit and locked us into a death pact that has
set America on a collision course with collapse. The collapses in Wall Street are just another symptom of a dying way. Is it no surprise this bankrupt system concludes it would save itself by robbing the people of a future,financially, given it would just as soon rob us all of a literal future environmentally? People who feel these problems tangibly need to wake up and stop voting on American Idol and politicians with no intention of doing the right thing.

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