Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Philosophies Have Consequences:Michael Parenti -- Welfare for the Wealthy

The very mention of corporate welfale was once a third rail in US political descusssion.
Now,the mainstream journalists and punditocracy have come to rightfully call the recent government bailouts of
collapsing lending intsitutions corporate socialism. These companies,like the rediculously named "Fanny" and "Freddie" have been nationalized. American taxpayers socialize the risks
and the profits remain private. Questions over why not nationalize oil companies or what's the excuse for a lack of
universal healthcare is bubbling up in the minds of many.
Few questions whether the companies' debts should be paid off as a matter of rewarding theft with free money and no questions asked. They racked up debt they never planned on paying off after gaming the system to get away with illegal business practices!
Predatory lenders targetted people they knew could not pay them back for the precise reason THAT THEY COULD NOT PAY,not swindled by greedy deadbeat customers! In spite of foreknowledge that the bubble they kept inflating would burst,these crooks kept collecting and passing on loans and debts they knew would not get paid off. This apocalyptic disregard for the outcomes of their behavior is evil.
Isn't this merging of business and government a key change toward fascism or corporatism?
Are we witnessing a radical restructuring of economics and government that will give birth to something ugly? Neither party
has a plan or even invests in minimalizing damage. Americans have just been robbed of trillions
by their government in broad daylight. The entire free market neoliberal idealogy has been globally discredited before the eyes of all as the sociopathic rationalization for naked greed that is. There Is No Alternative my ass! American conservatism has been discredited by the minarchist philosophy of a
regulation-free watchman state that only serves corporations.
Not only does the private sector not do a better job than government,it does a worse one that exacerbates disfunction.
Neoconservatism was the final failed philosophy to set America on this course to ruin.
All American politicians are brankrupt of ideas and solutions to problems they compound with interest. It took eight years of this bullshit to burn out this empire and expose it to all the enemies it made as a paper tiger with nukes. America was too full of hubris after the fall of the Soviet Union to see its turn coming up so it had to make a grab at total global hegemony. Alas,before the USA could acheive world domination,she shot herself in the foot on the first stop on the world dominationation tour and got bogged down in a fatal occupation. Welcome to the post American world. Who's the next
abusive superpower to step up?

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