Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin: Witchcraft and War

At 12, Sarah Palin was re-baptised, together with her whole family, at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church.

Palin attended Wasilla Assembly of God Church for roughly two and a half decades.

We have now got the video of Sarah Palin being anointed in a previously secret ceremony during which her church was actively campaigning for her - an illegal move in its own right. The man doing the anointing was Thomas Muthee - who actually prayed that Sarah Palin be protected from witchcraft, and said that electing Sarah Palin would help keep witchcraft out of schools, and help right wing Christians invade and infiltrate the government. Throughout all this and more, Sarah Palin watched approvingly - and the video shows her accepting the holy protection from Alaska witches without even flinching once.


Background information: Bishop Muthee ran a poor single mother out of town in Kenya. He got the townspeople so crazed up over a apparently "bewitched" woman that they ended up chasing her around town and even broke into her house and took shots at her. She is lucky to have gotten away alive and lucky that her children were not hurt or killed. And he is proud to say he chased the devil away from their town. This is absolute madness!

Therefore, Sarah Palin has been anointed by an outspoken and dangerous witch hunter. Where is the outrage in the MSM about this fact?


More info about the "Wasilla Assembly of God":

During that time Wasilla Assembly of God joined an Insurgent theological movement, initially arising with Pentecostalism, weich denounced in 1949, by tue General Council of tue Assemblies of God, as heretical.

Known as the Third Wave, this movement sees the earth largely under the influence of demon powers.

"Third Wave" believers seek to map out areas of "demonic influence" and drive out demon powers with prayer - from cities, towns and even entire geographic areas.

They also fight what they feel to be rampant human witchcraft.

The Wasilla Assembly of God and its Masters Commission Program enjoy a close relationship with a key Third Wave center, Rick Joyner's Morningstar Ministries.

Wasilla Assembly of God both endorses Rick Joyner's books and and also includes author Joyner's works closely within its Masters Commission curriculum.

Key Morningstar leaders, and other prominent Third Wave figures, frequently visit the Wasilla Assembly of God.


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