Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Murdered Bear Cub Draped With Obama Signs

Random and related patterns mixing into a perfect storm of hate?: A partisan Rightwing propaganda system controlling radio, books,Faux News.
The gunman attack on a Unitarian church and the murder of a Democrat politician. Both by homocidal hate media fans blaming their perceived "liberal" victims for ills of society/personal failures. An assassination conspiracy of drug addled white supremacists broken up.Out of control nuts at McCain/Palin rallies where speakers incite mob violence. The internet anti-Obama smear campaign.Racist vandalism toward Obama signs. ACORN scapegoated as cause for financial collapse and "future election theft".Violence directed at ACORN offices/volunteers.
KKK fliers snuck in with newspapers.
An animal killed to make a political statement.A clearly psychopathic act.
The rage of the Angry White Man
is rising.
Or is it my imagination?

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