Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverse Robin Hoods of Wall Street

The social contract is being re-written by one side justifying the robbing of the rest? What if we don’t acquiesce? What if a party refuses to the terms? Who got our consent to “bail out” the super rich one percent? I want to hear their rationalizing and justifications. We are being asked to sacrifice. Who is this “we” Obama speaks of when he says “we” are all going to sacrifice? We have no choice. Circumstances necessitate and force our sacrifice. What are they sacrificing? The ruling class has just reordered society as Matt Taibbi spells out. A revolution of the financial class using the chaos caused by their greed to pull off a shock doctrine that effectively kills the middle class and shifts more power to them to redistribute the remaining wealth upward. A new status quo has been agreed to by the ruling class. We are being raped and told to love it. It’s what’s best for us. The evil socialist European countries have social safety nets to ease the pain of this financial crisis and the rich are taking ours and throwing the rest of the money away on now 3 “wars” in the Middle East. And Iran is still a consideration. Between Wall Street and our Land War in Asia, our treasure is going into a black hole. The empire is unsustainable, but it can be scrapped and the money shifted homeward. The empire will end whether we end it or it collapses. Why not drop the denial and come to grips with the reality that the United States is no longer a superpower? Do we have to go the Soviet route?

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