Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Road to Serfdom:Oysters a la Obama

I wasn't surpised by Obama the politician until the War-is-Peace prize, that finally gave me my answer to how imperial he is, but now the stakes/costs of "his" lies keep elevating. Amid ever-expanding wars, we are teased with reform of our broken sickcare system.We do not deserve this cruel hoax, too many people are dying and going broke. Those deaths are on the heads of insurance fatcats,the status quo,and now the Democrats and Obama for playing a political game instead of fixing a lethally broken system. The Republicans share their blame for being obstructionists, but they really weren't a real threat to any true reform. They're off navel-gazing in the wilderness. Not only should this awful bill be killed, but that albatross must be hanged around his neck as his haunting failure to hand us over to the insurance companies like the oysters in Alice in Wonderland.

I've made this arguement myself before,and its made quite well here matching my righteous indignation with lots of facts as well. I notice how quiet the Republicans/teabaggers/Fox are on this topic and I think the reason is twofold: Their insurance company overlords want it and they can attack Democrats/Obama with creating a truly unjust new tax on citizens (they would be right for once).

People across the U.S. political spectrum shouldn't be able to go along philosophically or morally with government/corporate coercion of this type. This mandate policy is not liberal or conservative, it's corporatist. As a radical looking in from the outside, I find this horrible and dangerous. If I were a right wing conservative, libertarian, or a liberal/center-left/progressive to democratic socialist I would find the same objections. This is the "road to serfdom" as free marketeer Friedrich von Hayek called it. He "missed" that corporations would be our masters not welfare state bureauocrats/technocrats and totalitarian central planning. We are witnessing, like under Bush, the death of our rights---to private tyranny. We officially have no parties to represent our interests and the political system is broken and corrupt beyond past bad instances. Our republic/democracy as it were is in crisis, just like our healthcare, economy and the environment. Most reform is pretty much impossible at this point. Like with our traitorous "leaders" who have doomed us to extinction in Copenhagen, our "leaders" here have shown themselves for what they really are.
Well put:

People are smarter than they are taken granted for:
Would you favor or oppose requiring all Americans to buy health insurance — the so-called mandate — even if they find insurance too expensive or do not want it?FAVOR OPPOSE NOT SURE38% 51% 11%
Again,this is not American "Left vs. Right" as it is understood here.These mandates are immoral and should be resisted across the U.S. political spectrum. This bill and what spawned it is corporatocracy and corporatism-AKA fascism.
We are being scared and threatened(even guilted) into passing this garbage bill much like Wall Street scared us into forking over OUR money. That is extortion and this bill if made law would legalize another form of extortion.
And as of Christmas Eve, as if this "Healthcare bill" wasn't an horrific enough present, Barack Orwell slips this by while we are spending time with our loved ones:

Unlimited money for Fannie and Freddy,no jobs for Americans. We should all remember this generosity when the government tells us there's no money for our needs.

This article by Naomi Klein sums it up for me right now:

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