Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beware "Color Revolutions" or Why I Wont re-post News of Protests on Iran Blindly

People who struggle against their repressive governments should be supported in any way we can, but we---and they should be skeptical of who throws support behind their struggle. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend and just because paths align,doesn't mean goals are compatable. When America,the CIA,the Neocons,and Israel support this movement,they and we should be alarmed. The West is pushing a fraud that this is a fullscale revolution that will topple the theocrats any day now. The internal politics of Iran are being meddled with at the peril of those legitimate protestors and true reformists. Don't get started on the reformist messiah Mousavi who once oppressed his people as bad as Ahmadinejad. "The Green Path of Hope" sounds like the same PR gurus that brought us Brand Obama are trying to work their magic rebranding a autocrat as a democrat.
No good can come out of their true expressions of greivences being co-opted and seen as co-opted by the repressive regime. Everyone on those streets becomes a defacto American agent against their consent and the state gets to treat them as Fifth Columnists.
Now matter how sincere the people in the movements, many of these "color revolutions" allow themselves to be willing stooges of the CIA etc, through front groups: USAID,Freedom House(Neocon),National Endowment for Democracy(Neocon),Soros Foundation,and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs(Neoliberal/Neocon)-- look at what countries these NGOs are active in and how the Washington Consensus is enforced through them. Why would Iran and this "Green Revolution" be any different? US media treatment of the story clinches most suspicions.
Our support for the protestors makes us riper for the conning of our governments' and Israeli propaganda. A war against Iran has been in the planning stages since W was in office and Obama is carrying that over. Forged nuclear documents have already circulated(deja vu) and the war drums get louder as Obama recently told China he may not be able to hold back Israel from striking much longer in order to pressure China(and Russia) to get with the program. The project to "rebuild the Muslim world" is stepping up it's intensity. We are now at war with five Muslim countries with the ratchetting up of attacks on Yemen.
Look at how a questionable aborted Christmas attack has been spun into justification for keeping GITMO open(and rejailing released Yemeni prisoners),more calls for torture,indefinate and preventative detention,restricting freedom/privacy in travel,and further intervention into Yemen. We are being prepared for a war with Iran with all this media coverage and bullshit "humanitarian" pleas for intervention are coming out of the right and "left" press/blogoshpere.
Everybody is suddenly pro-protest? Interesting. I'll remember that next time protestors are brutalized and oppressed here and people twittering about it get arrested, like during the recent G20 protests. Where was the compassion for protestors when police used eardrum rupturing sonic weapons on non-violent protestors and college students? Where was the press' sympathy? How about the Olympics protests in Canada right now? Or the brutality of the police in Copenhagen? Honduras? It's no coincidence the U.S. MSM,Twitter,Youtube are alive with coverage that aids said interests while giving the illusion they are helping "get the truth out".
Solidarity with all people in the streets.

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