Thursday, April 8, 2010

The ASH Thursday, 4/8/2010

On tonight's show, we learn that dozens more Massey mines are sited unsafe, a non-nuke arms race is beginning, nuclear waste cannot be safely disposed of "French-style" like the industry promises,I learn to my horror that antibacterial products are in fact worthless and carcenogenic,airplane pilots can now fly under the influence of antidepressants with dangerous side effects, Krazy Karzai, Kyrgyzstan and radical history from the Daily Bleed.

Zeno's Kyrgyzstan Transcript:

A lot of Americans probably haven’t heard of this country or think it’s where Borat’s from.
Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous landlocked ex-Soviet nation of about 5 million people bordering Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, China to the east, and Tajikistan to the southwest.I jokingly call this region the Stans.

They have been destitute since the fall of the USSR and have been an unsuccessful lab for the Western investors like the IMF,WTO.
As others have noted they are mostly Muslim, speak Russian,and look Chinese. They became on the western press’ radar big time with the CIA influenced Tulip Revolution that overthrew plutocrat Akayev and his cronies and installed plutocrat Bakiyev and his cronies. This “revolution” was part of the series of U.S. engineered color revolutions Bush Jr. was touting as a ‘global democratic revolution’.

According to June 16, 2009 Stars and Stripes, “More than 170,000 coalition personnel passed through the base on their way in or out of Afghanistan, and Manas was the transit point for 5,000 tons of cargo, including spare parts and equipment, uniforms and various items to support personnel and mission needs.”

Last year, Kyrgyzstan told US to leave Manas Airbase which they’ve hosted since 2001,but that seemed to be a shakedown for more money. Apparently Bakiyev made a deal
with Russia at the same time getting $2 Billion in aid/loans right before “changing” mind to allow US to stay. Bakiyev is perceived to have been playing both powers against each other in bidding wars. Bakiyev has fucked over both sides. President Bakiyev recently canceled democracy for something he called “consultative democracy” and that didn’t go over too well .

Bakiyev,who fled the capital Bishkek on his plane, is now in hiding refusing to surrender as
“legit”president while the parliament has been dissolved and a new government is forming,by the opposition Ata-Meken ,run by allies of his that turned on him. How corrupt are they? They now claim they will only rule for 6 months.

From what I’ve read the masses were against the corruption, Manas base ,the lack of democracy, and unfair utilities rates.

It is yet to be seen if the people take a more systemic view of their governmental situation than simply replacing Bakiyev with another president to start the cycle of cronyism all over again, but with a new ruling family .
For instance, anti-US and anti-Russian meddling sentiment is debatable in spite of anger over base leasing.

At least 41to 100 people have been killed and more than 400 injured clashing with riot police,who fired upon the crowds like the cowards most riot cops are. Those numbers have no doubt increased and the hospitals are overrun as
violence has continued .

There are rumors of security forces loyal to Bakiyev exchanging fire with the riot police.
Notice the nonchalance of the current mainstream media coverage of the violence and unrest in Kyrgyzstan in sharp contrast to their hysterical coverage of the Iranian “green” color revolution that was supportive of the demonstrators and
their rights. There is a media clampdown there, so it’s hard to get the full picture .
Any way,all signs seem to indicate the new government is going to renew the base lease with USA, which is why the our masters aren’t freaking out more.

There are Western “peacekeeping” forces helping contain the violence and looting that could be used to turn around and squash them the second US interests actually were really fucked. Nevermind the 1,100 US/NATO troops currently sitting in the base. The Pentagon says it’s suspended flights.

The lesson the establishment seems to be taking away here as voiced in the press on this subject as well as with Afghanistan is that we need more reliable and less corrupt proxies.
Calling for restraint,Russia and China are pretending outwardly that this event don’t bother them as much as they really do, but the implications of America destabilizing so many of their neighbors isn’t lost on anyone. Our war in Afghanistan is costing the Afghanis,Pakistanis and the rest of Central Asia such a high price and they all know it’s our

How long until real revolutions rise up against us in all of these countries?

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