Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Authority Smashing! Hour Tues. 4/6/2010

Mr1001Nights and Paul from RI go through the headlines,radical history and discuss the recent protests in D.C.,the tragic coal mine disaster in West Virginia,and French bossnappings get explosive. Why do these horrible "accidents" still happen? We also learn what kind of people attend AIPAC conventions. Mr1001Nights explains the "Bad Apple" analogy.
Paul shares what he experienced in D.C. Tonight's caller was Julia Riber Pitt,who also protested.

Thousands marched agains the war and close to a million marched for comprehensive immigration reform. Who got the press? A few hundred teabaggers(being egged on by Republican politicians) outside Congress protesting against Obama's joke healthcare bill they fear is ushering in socialism. It was newsworthy that they spat on a black congressman and threw around the word "nigger" at another who marched with MLK Jr,and used homophobic slurs against an openly gay congressman and his partner.

This was part of a rash of right wing violence including the murder of a noted abortion provider,a shootout at the Holocaust Museum,the murder of cops by a deranged gun owner,a terrorist suicide plane crash into an IRS building,bricks through politicians' windows,cut brake lines,a Christian terrorist group suffering mass arrests,and a group of soveriegn citizens demanding the resignation of governors. Our hosts adress an audience question pertaining to reaching out to members of the Tea Party movement,who have shown in a recent poll to have the support of 28% of the U.S. public. Can reasonable people be reached within a movement that includes white supremacists,neo-Nazis,KKK,Birchers,Randroids,and Left Behind fans?

Continuing from last night,the Wikileaks video of the July 12, 2007 Apache helicopter slaughter of Iraqi civilians is further discussed. This video is making the rounds on the internet,but quiet in the MSM. Once again proving American "conservatives" live in a parallel universe.:
The racist neocon blog The Jawa Report(Jawas are Arabs--wouldn't archliberal George Lucas love how Tatooine is their political metaphor for the Middle East?) claims to have "proof" one of the victims had an RPG,thus the video/story is a fraud. http://authoritysmashers.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/s02_week02_tues/

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