Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slavoj Žižek - Maybe We Just Need a Different Chicken ...

Description:"Sociologist and philosopher, Slavoj Žižek, discusses politeness and civility in the function of contemporary ideology. Dr. Žižek spoke at Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon, as part of the speaker tour for his latest book, VIOLENCE."

I found this Enlightening and hilarious talk by the brilliant Zizek on political correctness,Censorship,tolerance,and politeness in politics and culture at PDX Justice.
He even touched on the movies The Dark Knight(really liked it),Kung Fu Panda(have not seen it,love Jack Black), Vertigo(seen it),Casablanca(seen it),Life is Beautiful(not seen) and They Live(love it). I wholly I agree on his analysis of The Dark Knight. Though I was thoroughly entertained
by the movie,it had unsettling undercurrents that made me cringe at times. It inspired many political discussions with friends.I don't like that average American audiences come away with the impression the Joker is an anarchist. I knew it was filmed in Chigaco,but I didn't think of the Haymarket Massacre until after I got home from the theatre.
His analysis of They Live was great! Americans need to "put their glasses on" and see through the bankrupt American politics they enable to destroy their futures.
De-politicization,spiritual self-realization(organic food as an example),ecology,global warming are explored. I see that shallow
de-politicalization and civility embodied by Barack Obama and his post-politics and "bi-partisanship". He sees it as strength as it gives counter strength to Repiglicans. I fear like Chris Rock said on Bill Maher's show that Obama actually beleives he will win by simply getting the most votes.Will the status quo simply change the rules against this black man when he wins like it does to all
black men.

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